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March 9th, 2011 – Last Wave of the Mayan Calendar -2012 Predictions – We’re in for a Ride ! February 23, 2011

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Sat Nam, Catalyst Yogi: Bringing the Cave to You has Moved !

There have been plenty of doomsday predictions surrounding the mysterious Mayan Calendar. Hollywood jumped on board with a 2012 movie linking Mayan calendar prophecies with a catastrophic end of the world. The Mayans tells us that the world will not end – it will be transformed.

The Mayan Calendar is not really a calendar per se but a measurement of the evolution of consciousness. It is depicted as a pyramid that has been divided into 9 steps, levels or waves. Each wave of consciousness contains a focus – what we are learning so that we can progress to the next wave of consciousness.

Here are the 9 Waves of Consciousness with start date and purpose:

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Peace and Love to ALL

Be the Light and Travel Light for the Aquarian Age January 11, 2011

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There is no better word to describe the Aquarian Age than CHANGE. Everything is moving at a breakneck speed. You may be experiencing changes in your location, career, relationships, death, births, health or finances. To navigate through these changes we must be flexible in mind and travel light. That means you can’t drag your matching set of heavy Samonsite luggage from the past along for the ride.

Why is it so challenging to drop the past? You really try to forgive, change and move one, and yet, old thoughts, emotions, habits and desires still haunt you. Letting go of the past can sometimes feel like putting sticky paper in the garbage. Just when you think its gone ~ there it is on your shoe again.

From a yogi’s perspective, the past is nothing more than old experiences that now live as memories in the subconscious mind. The past no longer exists. It is unreality. The Subconscious Mind is a recorder and warehouse of all our actions, thoughts, feelings. It’s like being under video surveillance 24/7. Most people are not aware of their subconscious mind, because it is below the surface of the conscious mind and can drive more than 80% of our choices and reactions.

When we are unconscious – not living in the present – all of our choices are made by the subconscious mind. For example, in the past eating, sugary foods, over-working or drinking alcohol may have given you comfort. This way of coping no longer serves you, yet you are driven to repeat the habit over and over. The subconscious mind creates patterns in the neurons in the brain that we repeat again and again.

So how do we free ourselves from these tired, old habits that come from the sub-conscious mind? Intention is not enough. You need tools and technology. The most powerful way to clear and re-pattern the subconscious mind is through the technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

There will be a Global Meditation beginning Jan 11, 2011  of Kirtan Kriya.
Download 31 min Version of Kirtan Kriya Meditation

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5 Ways to Thrive this Holiday Season December 24, 2010

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The holiday season can be a joyous time and a time of great stress for many people. Here are a few suggestions to keep your dignity and grace intact.

1) Focus the holidays on the act of giving – encourage “gifts from the heart” that focus on service to other family members. Give gifts of time to your friends. A hand-made coupon for lunch or a movie with you will mean so much to close friends.

2) Be aware of Family Dynamics – we all play roles within our family of origin. Roles such as scapegoat, clown, golden child or black sheep. Refuse to play your role and help your family become more authentic

3) Let Go of Expectations – of how things should be or how people should behave. There is much mythology about the holidays via popular media – TV, movies etc. Watch if you have unrealistic expectations like receiving an ‘expensive, thoughtful gift ‘ means that person loves me or ‘my family of origin should all get along because it is the holidays’.

4) Laugh at Yourself – Stay conscious and alert – when you catch yourself falling into old habitual patterns with people – don’t take yourself so seriously – stop and laugh at the human drama.

5) 3 Min Meditation – When one of your family members says or does that thing that drives you crazy and pushes all your buttons. Don’t react.  Go to the bathroom and do a Kundalini Yoga Meditation for to Release Emotions of the Past – in as little as 3 mins you will be calm and neutral.

Break the Chains of the Past – 5 things to Do this Holiday Season December 16, 2010

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The holidays can be a stressful time for many people returning to their families of origin.  It is a time when old dysfunctional dynamics get expressed.  Instead of viewing this holiday as something to ‘get through’ – view it as a golden opportunity to be in Truth.  The Age of Aquarius is pressurizing us all to be in Truth.  The best way to break from the past is to heal the present.

5 Suggestions to Be in Truth this Holiday Season

1.   I love YOU but I don’t love your Fruit Cake

Stop doing things just to please others.  If you don’t want the food or the booze ~ just say no thank you with no explanation required. Let mother’s ego feel hurt if you don’t like her fruitcake or some other foods she has prepared. Allow Dad to drink alone.  Many people conflate food with love during the holidays – keep them separate.

2. Deliver your Soul Gift this Holiday Season

Before we incarnated to this life, we chose our family of origin. It is important to remember that we came here to deliver our soul gifts to help our families to heal. Start by taking note of what you complain about. What do you feel your family never gave you?  This is exactly what you are to give to them.  If you feel they never fully accepted you  – practice accepting them. Bring true forgiveness and acceptance to everyone involved. Be open to members of your family changing and healing.

3. Drop your Family Role

We all play roles within our family of origin: scapegoat, clown, golden child or black sheep. Refuse to play your role and help your family become more authentic. For example, if you always play the rebel of the family – change your role – be more agreeable and cooperative and bite your tongue when the usual bait for an argument comes your way. This will break with the script and create different outcomes.

4. Break Family Agreements about the Past

When families gather, stories from the past will inevitably come up.  “Remember the time Uncle John was so drunk he fell on the Christmas tree.”  “Remember when black sheep sister ruined Christmas by burning the turkey ha,ha, ha.” Share your perspective and experience of the past from an authentic place.  Own your experience and do not feel threatened by the judgment of others – speak your Truth even if your voice trembles. When you are aligned with Truth you are aligned with the power of the Universe.  Also honor other’s perspective of their experience. Perhaps ask the question, “Why do we tell this story over and over? Is there something unfinished in this story? How can we let it go?”

5. When All Else Fails – Meditate

If family dynamics or thoughts from the past are overwhelming you – resist the urge to self-medicate through eating and drinking too much. Remove yourself from the situation and do this meditation – it only takes 40 seconds.  Wherever you are, there will be a bathroom to escape to. Lock the door and breathe deeply.

Download  10 Steps to Peace Meditation (pdf)  – only take 40 Seconds

“This meditation takes care of phobias, fears and neurosis. It can remove unsettling thoughts from the past that surface into the present. It can take difficult situations in the present and release them into the hands of Infinity. All this can be done in just 40 seconds!” – Yogi Bhajan (master of Kundalini Yoga)

The Big BOO HOO with the Meditation to Heal a Broken Heart December 14, 2010

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When you commit to the Spiritual Journey one of the things that you can’t avoid is called the big boo hoo.

The BIG BOO HOOis the big cry — the sobbing — where your body is shaking, eyes are streaming — stuff is coming out of your nose — making primal wailing sounds.

Humans are terrified of the big hoo — avoiding it by stuffing it by drinking too much alcohol, doing drugs, eating sugar , workaholism, excessive shopping, distracting yourself with useless information on the internet, video games or TV. Anything to keep you in the mental realm and out of your heart.

We were taught that the Big Boo Hoo was something to be ashamed of and to stuff and repress it — don’t be a big baby — leave yr problems at home – this is Piscean Age Propaganda this is nonsense — throw all that conditioning out the window.

The big boo hoo comes from being hurt and betrayed by people we have loved — usually from childhood. This wound follows us into adulthood attracting people in our lives that poke that wound so that we can feel it so it can be healed.

Symptoms of a Closed heart

Life is meaningless and flat — no feelings — no emotions
Pain in upper back shoulders
Shoulders caved in
Posture is head first
Can’t receive love from others

Heal a Broken Heart with Kundalini Yoga Meditation December 1, 2010

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Each one of us has  had our hearts broken through betrayal, hurt and disappointment. It is just part of the human experience.  A broken heart is a  real thing and not just some ‘sappy’ song you hear on the radio.

Science has discovered that when we experience a  break in relationship, the nervous system and brain acts identically as if there has been a physical injury or loss of limb.

If you experience upper back pain, pain behind your heart chakra or you are unable to receive love from others – you have a Closed Heart Chakra and this meditation is for you.

Meditation to Heal A BROKEN HEART

To heal the emotional wounds of the Heart we need to bring calm to the nerves that hold the wound. With this meditation the Autonomic System will relax and your breath will automatically move toward a meditative pace to renew and relax your Heart and Mind.

The Mudra creates Balance; it generates a subtle pressure which adjusts the HEART MERIDIAN along the LITTLE FINGER and OUTER FOREARM.

Music: A version of  Guru Ram Das playing in the background

Sit in easy pose with a STRAIGHT SPINE and a light neck lock.
Mudra: Palms together, lightly touching.
Tips of SATURN (middle) fingers is at the level of the 3rd eye.
The forearms are horizontal tot the ground, elbows high. Go deep within.
Time: 11 mins.
End: Inhale, Exhale, Relax the Breath. Clasped hands stretch arms up for 2 mins

Got the Winter Blues ? 5 Ways to Keep your Energy Up This Winter. November 23, 2010

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As we draw closer to the winter equinox, (Dec 21) the days are getting shorter and shorter. This lack of light can dramatically affect our mood and energy levels.

It can trigger feelings of  irritability, pessimism, fatigue and general mental fogginess.  We tend to sleep more, crave sugar and carbohydrates and seek stimulants outside of ourselves to cope with less light.

5 Ways to Keep Your Energy Up this Winter

Stimulate your Pineal Gland

The pineal gland sits in the center of your head and is shaped like a pinecone. The ancients called it the seat of the soul.   The pineal gland is influenced by light – with less light it will begin secreting melatonin which makes one sleepy. Here is a meditation that will stimulate your pineal gland and rid you of mental sluggishness.

Click for Meditation

Be in the Flow with Your Natural Rhythms

This time of year is calling you to go within and become more internal. Slow down, consolidate your energy and take this time for more self-reflection through journalling and meditation.

Stimulate Sun Energy

Begin breathing only through your right nostril. Block off your left nostril with your thumb all other fingers point up. Sitting up with a straight spine begin breathing long and deep. 5 sec inhale, 5 sec hold and 5 sec exhale. Do this anywhere when you feel down and need a pick me up.

Honor the Light

Go outside each day to receive the outside light that is available. Be sure to expose your forehead to the light. The forehead bone is porous and functions to transmit light to the pineal gland of the brain.

Connect with Your Own Inner Sun

According to ancient yogis we all have an inner sun located in the solar plexus. Practice Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to connect with your inner light and spread your radiance to all around you.

See Meditation to Give Like the Sun.

What to do after White Tantric Yoga? 40 days of Transformation November 22, 2010

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Sat Nam,

A message to the participants of White Tantric Yoga.

Congratulations ! And just like food keeps cooking when you take it out of the oven so do you keep changing and growing 40 days after White Tantric Yoga !

If you allow it, these next 40 days can be a special time of profound transformation. Here are some self-care things you can try in the next 40 days. (based on Guru Rattan Kaur’s list)

40 Day Post Tantric Self Care

  • do not make any life changing decisions in these 40 days
  • choose a personal meditation and do it for 40 days
  • Ask God ( Guru, Universe, Angels , Higher Power etc) for daily guidance
  • Avoid Small Talk
  • Be conscious of your choices especially if using alcohol, smoking, or drugs
  • Bless Mother Earth every day
  • Commit to daily sadhana practice
  • Connect with teachers and healers for support if needed
  • Choose what you want to manifest for the next year –( healthy romantic relationship, more prosperity, right livelihood) be sure to write it down
  • drink lots of water, eat organically grown fruits and vegetables and respect your body temple.
  • establish clear boundaries with friends and loved ones
  • receive massages, other body work that heals you
  • go deeply into the silence every day, no music, radio, TV, conversations.
  • ground yourself, your subatomic particles are spinning at a different rate in different configurations.
  • treat yourself like your own best friend
  • pay attention to feelings of fear and anxiety to see your patterns
  • purge your home and workspace of unused broken or wanted items so that you can allow for the new energy to come in
  • read uplifting sacred texts – remembering and reflecting on the wisdom of the ancients.
  • sleep more or take short naps during the day
  • smudge and keep living areas clean and graceful
  • surround yourself with people who support your core virtues and values
  • take long baths
  • connect with nature
  • tithe money, do seva to expand your prosperity
  • write anger, grief letters when strong negative feelings come to the surface.
  • practice Kundalini Yoga and Meditation !

Peace and Love to ALL,

Catalyst Yogi



When Good People do Bad Things – 5 Ways to Work with the Shadow October 29, 2010

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On the Spiritual Journey we try to be good, kind and compassionate people. But sometimes the ‘bad self’, also known as the Shadow, rears its head at the most inconvenient times.  It can say hurtful things to others, participate in unhealthy behavior, and  sabotage our journey.

You can see the Shadow at work in the media. The wholesome sports star caught in numerous sex scandals, the anti-homosexual lobbyist caught in a secretive same sex relationship or the wealthy politician caught shoplifting.

The ancients taught that the Universe is in perfect balance and, as such, we live in a world of duality. Everything you see in the world has its opposite: light/dark, up/down, male/female, hot/cold.  The mental image that you present to the world (EGO) also has its opposite (SHADOW).

The shadow is at the root of feelings of guilt, shame and self- hatred.  To truly experience happiness it is key that you accept ALL parts of yourself – warts and all.

5 Ways to Work with the Shadow

1. Identify the Shadow

The shadow is the part of us we deny and repress.  We can only truly see our shadow in other people. Who in your life creates a strong emotional charge within you where you become judgmental and self-righteous? Bingo – that is your shadow. Describe the qualities you see in that person. Take responsibility for these qualities within you – no matter how hidden.


2. Bring the Shadow into the Light of Awareness

Shadow energy thrives in secrecy. Write in your journal or talk to a trusted friend about your secret desires and thoughts. This will discharge the energy and the power the shadow has over you.

3. Talk to your Shadow

The shadow energy comes up when your life is  becoming out of balance. For example, if your self-image is hard working and responsible your shadow will call in sick –  play hooky, go to a movie and let important work deadlines slide. In this case, the Shadow may be communicating that you need more play and creativity in your life.  Listen to your shadow before it explodes and creates chaos.

4. Know your True Identity

Know and realize your true as an expression of the Infinite. You contain within you everything that you can see in your world. You are only experiencing YOU!  The shadow aspect is only part of the rich diversity which is you.

5. Acceptance Meditation

When you deny your Shadow Self you create conflict within you and thus lose your power. It is not healthy to make parts of yourself wrong. Even Jesus was in a fit of anger when he kicked the money lenders out the temple.

Download Meditation to Conquer Self Animosity

Youtube Video

Only when you allow your shadow energy to be consciously expressed and merge into all that you are, can you claim your infinite power. Your outer state will reflect your inner state and relationships will become more harmonious and you truly CAN LOVE  all of creation for you love yourself !

5 Ways to Drop your Insecurities August 1, 2010

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Insecurity is a low grade FEAR. It is the fear that we are not good enough, broken and that we can’t handle the challenges that life throws at us. Insecurity is created by the Ego and the many false stories it tells you about yourself.

Insecurity keeps us from really living our soul’s purpose and keeps opportunities from reaching us. If you are pumping out insecure thoughts about yourself – in essence you have your hand up to the Universe saying, “no thanks, pass this happiness on to someone else – I will sit here in my littleness.”

In the Aquarian Age you must accept and experience that you have everything you need, already inside you. It is your birthright to live free from fear, doubt and worry.  Do not wait for perfection before moving toward your dreams ~ that day will never come.

5 Ways to Drop Insecurity

1. Focus on your Strengths

Each person has come into this incarnation with a unique gift to deliver to the world. What uplifts you, inspires you, gives you energy? Nurture the things that you do well – these are your unique gifts. How can these gifts serve the whole of humanity?  Become more of who you are rather than who you think you should be.

2. Drop your Weaknesses – Let G.O.D.  fill the Gap for you

Drop the things you think you should do, that give you a heavy heart and drain your energy.  Trust that G.O.D. (the Source of all Life) will cover your weaknesses. Your weakness is another person’s strength. Form a relationship with the Infinite.  Declare, “I am going forward with my destiny, but I need you to cover me”.

3. Remember Who You Are

When you feel overwhelmed by insecurity, it is important to remember your true identity – you are a Spiritual Being of Light having human experiences. Move past the feelings of limitation and expand into your Infinite Self. You are not alone and anything is possible when you call upon your spirit.

4. Stop listening to the Stories – The Ego is a Player

The Ego (false self) is always telling us stories in order to keep itself alive.   These stories come in two flavors – Grandiosity (superiority) or Littleness (inferiority). Both of these stories are untrue. We are all equal to each other – no one is higher or lower. When you catch the ego telling you stories – become aware of your breath – slow it down and observe. The feelings of Insecurity will leave with conscious  breath.

5. Trikurti Kriya with Nabhi

This kriya will allow the practioner to resolve questions of

personal identity and elements of personality, which cause

insecurity. This meditation will result in a calm confidence.

Download Trikurti Kriya with Nabhi (pdf)


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