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Heal a Broken Heart with Kundalini Yoga Meditation December 1, 2010

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Each one of us has  had our hearts broken through betrayal, hurt and disappointment. It is just part of the human experience.  A broken heart is a  real thing and not just some ‘sappy’ song you hear on the radio.

Science has discovered that when we experience a  break in relationship, the nervous system and brain acts identically as if there has been a physical injury or loss of limb.

If you experience upper back pain, pain behind your heart chakra or you are unable to receive love from others – you have a Closed Heart Chakra and this meditation is for you.

Meditation to Heal A BROKEN HEART

To heal the emotional wounds of the Heart we need to bring calm to the nerves that hold the wound. With this meditation the Autonomic System will relax and your breath will automatically move toward a meditative pace to renew and relax your Heart and Mind.

The Mudra creates Balance; it generates a subtle pressure which adjusts the HEART MERIDIAN along the LITTLE FINGER and OUTER FOREARM.

Music: A version of  Guru Ram Das playing in the background

Sit in easy pose with a STRAIGHT SPINE and a light neck lock.
Mudra: Palms together, lightly touching.
Tips of SATURN (middle) fingers is at the level of the 3rd eye.
The forearms are horizontal tot the ground, elbows high. Go deep within.
Time: 11 mins.
End: Inhale, Exhale, Relax the Breath. Clasped hands stretch arms up for 2 mins

What to do after White Tantric Yoga? 40 days of Transformation November 22, 2010

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Sat Nam,

A message to the participants of White Tantric Yoga.

Congratulations ! And just like food keeps cooking when you take it out of the oven so do you keep changing and growing 40 days after White Tantric Yoga !

If you allow it, these next 40 days can be a special time of profound transformation. Here are some self-care things you can try in the next 40 days. (based on Guru Rattan Kaur’s list)

40 Day Post Tantric Self Care

  • do not make any life changing decisions in these 40 days
  • choose a personal meditation and do it for 40 days
  • Ask God ( Guru, Universe, Angels , Higher Power etc) for daily guidance
  • Avoid Small Talk
  • Be conscious of your choices especially if using alcohol, smoking, or drugs
  • Bless Mother Earth every day
  • Commit to daily sadhana practice
  • Connect with teachers and healers for support if needed
  • Choose what you want to manifest for the next year –( healthy romantic relationship, more prosperity, right livelihood) be sure to write it down
  • drink lots of water, eat organically grown fruits and vegetables and respect your body temple.
  • establish clear boundaries with friends and loved ones
  • receive massages, other body work that heals you
  • go deeply into the silence every day, no music, radio, TV, conversations.
  • ground yourself, your subatomic particles are spinning at a different rate in different configurations.
  • treat yourself like your own best friend
  • pay attention to feelings of fear and anxiety to see your patterns
  • purge your home and workspace of unused broken or wanted items so that you can allow for the new energy to come in
  • read uplifting sacred texts – remembering and reflecting on the wisdom of the ancients.
  • sleep more or take short naps during the day
  • smudge and keep living areas clean and graceful
  • surround yourself with people who support your core virtues and values
  • take long baths
  • connect with nature
  • tithe money, do seva to expand your prosperity
  • write anger, grief letters when strong negative feelings come to the surface.
  • practice Kundalini Yoga and Meditation !

Peace and Love to ALL,

Catalyst Yogi



When Good People do Bad Things – 5 Ways to Work with the Shadow October 29, 2010

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On the Spiritual Journey we try to be good, kind and compassionate people. But sometimes the ‘bad self’, also known as the Shadow, rears its head at the most inconvenient times.  It can say hurtful things to others, participate in unhealthy behavior, and  sabotage our journey.

You can see the Shadow at work in the media. The wholesome sports star caught in numerous sex scandals, the anti-homosexual lobbyist caught in a secretive same sex relationship or the wealthy politician caught shoplifting.

The ancients taught that the Universe is in perfect balance and, as such, we live in a world of duality. Everything you see in the world has its opposite: light/dark, up/down, male/female, hot/cold.  The mental image that you present to the world (EGO) also has its opposite (SHADOW).

The shadow is at the root of feelings of guilt, shame and self- hatred.  To truly experience happiness it is key that you accept ALL parts of yourself – warts and all.

5 Ways to Work with the Shadow

1. Identify the Shadow

The shadow is the part of us we deny and repress.  We can only truly see our shadow in other people. Who in your life creates a strong emotional charge within you where you become judgmental and self-righteous? Bingo – that is your shadow. Describe the qualities you see in that person. Take responsibility for these qualities within you – no matter how hidden.


2. Bring the Shadow into the Light of Awareness

Shadow energy thrives in secrecy. Write in your journal or talk to a trusted friend about your secret desires and thoughts. This will discharge the energy and the power the shadow has over you.

3. Talk to your Shadow

The shadow energy comes up when your life is  becoming out of balance. For example, if your self-image is hard working and responsible your shadow will call in sick –  play hooky, go to a movie and let important work deadlines slide. In this case, the Shadow may be communicating that you need more play and creativity in your life.  Listen to your shadow before it explodes and creates chaos.

4. Know your True Identity

Know and realize your true as an expression of the Infinite. You contain within you everything that you can see in your world. You are only experiencing YOU!  The shadow aspect is only part of the rich diversity which is you.

5. Acceptance Meditation

When you deny your Shadow Self you create conflict within you and thus lose your power. It is not healthy to make parts of yourself wrong. Even Jesus was in a fit of anger when he kicked the money lenders out the temple.

Download Meditation to Conquer Self Animosity

Youtube Video

Only when you allow your shadow energy to be consciously expressed and merge into all that you are, can you claim your infinite power. Your outer state will reflect your inner state and relationships will become more harmonious and you truly CAN LOVE  all of creation for you love yourself !

BE Yourself – 5 Ways to Bring More Authenticity into Your Life March 24, 2010

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“One thing you have to be more than anything else, you have to be you. Nothing less than you will work. You minus ego is always you. You with your ego is always not you. ”

– Yogi Bhajan (master of Kundalini Yoga)

Being you can be one of the easiest and most difficult things to do in the world. To be authentic is to be in Truth. Being in Truth means being honest with yourself, and where appropriate, acknowledging and expressing how you feel, your needs and your vulnerabilities. It is the ego that would have us believe we are the only ones in the world that feel lonely, sad or afraid. We are all human and share the same range of emotions whether we express them or not.

In a group, if one person speaks the truth – it is often an energetic relief for the others. When truth is expressed, it gives permission to other people to also express themselves. It takes great courage to be the first one to speak the truth – especially if people (i.e. egos) do not want to hear the truth.

Remember, the Universe is Truth so when we are aligned with truth we are aligned with the power of the Universe. Anything that is untrue will not remain – the truth eventually wins out. We are entering into the Aquarian Age and this is the AGE OF TRUTH. We will not be able to hide from others or ourselves any longer. In fact, we will become transparent to one another.

Many of us have been made to feel that we are not good enough by authority figures in our lives (parents, teachers etc) or indirectly through media and advertising. Many of us are trying to be someone else: the latest Hollywood star, sports celebrity, model, business tycoon or someone else you admire.

For example, the beauty and fitness industry thrives on the insecurities of both women and men. They send the message that we need to ‘make up’ for some lack in ourselves. They would have us believe that the perfect body (with enlarged or reduced parts) will bring us happiness and ultimate fulfillment.

The Aquarian Age teaches that we are each whole and complete unto ourselves. Happiness in the Aquarian Age requires that we be no less than authentic and truly share ourselves with one another.

5 Steps to ‘Be You’

1. Relax: you can only be you when you are relaxed in mind and body.

2. Laugh at Yourself: if you make a mistake, learn to laugh at yourself and your foibles. Don’t take yourself so seriously.

3. Accept yourself: stop judging and criticizing yourself and perceiving yourself through other people’s eyes. Let go of what other people think of you.

4. Spend some one on one quality time with yourself: get to know who you are without the distraction of others. What are the values and principles you live by? Create a Life Vision statement.

5. Stop Comparing yourself to Others: Love yourself – unabashedly. Look in the mirror each day and use loving affirmations (they really do work!). Don’t try to be someone else – Be the Best ‘You’ you can be!

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”
– Dr Seuss

Are You Your Worst Judge ? October 21, 2009

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“The strength of your judgment is the only enemy you have.”

– Yogi Bhajan (master of Kundalini Yoga)

Does any of this sound familiar?

I should be doing this. I should have said or done that.  I should be somewhere else in my life. I should be making more money. I should be with someone else. I should be happy right now. I should have another job.  I should be skinny. I should……fill in the blank.

These shoulds are judgments and have no place on the Spiritual Journey. When we are in judgment, we are not accepting ourselves and this can be very damaging to our pure essence. All shoulds only  come from the mind and ego not from the pure being which is you.

This is at the root of why we judge others – we are only projecting how we feel about ourselves on to others.

5 Ways to Bring Acceptance Into Your Life Right Now.

1. Explore your unique should –  it often means you are seeking approval from an outside source such as a parent, authority figure or your community.  Start to seek approval only from your higher consciousness. This is your life  – stop living someone else’s dream.

2. Learn to accept yourself – warts and all.  There are 7 billion humans on the planet and only one of you. It would be boring if we were all the same. ‘Be You’ is the only thing that will work in the Aquarian Age.

3.  Accept everything that is going on in your life right now as perfect. Stop resisting what is – there is no good or bad – it is thinking that makes it so.   This alone will free a lot of creative energy for you to manifest.

4. Start to look at yourself and the world through the light of your soul.  Appreciate your uniqueness and remembering you are a spiritual being having human experiences. Begin practicing loving yourself unconditionally in every moment.

5. Practice the Kundalini Yoga Meditation to Conquer Self-Animosity

(as little as 3 minutes)

Gain Self Esteem in 3 minutes October 16, 2009

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“The moment you value yourself, the whole world values you !”

Yogi Bhajan (master of Kundalini Yoga)

Self-respect, self-value and a healthy dose of self love adds up to self- esteem. Self-esteem is a key ingredient for a Leader of the Aquarian Age.

How  Can I feel good about myself ?
Start by dropping the story that your ego tells you about yourself. This story does not define who you are and who you can be.

Try this meditation to Conquer Self-Animosity


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